Essentials for IBM Notes Development
& IBM Domino Administration
IBM Lotus Software
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Security-First ID Switching and Delegation

Audit and sign without interruption thanks to quick-and-easy ID switching, and delegate IDs in complete security without needing to provide passwords.

Signature consistency contributes to smooth operation and accurate accountability in your IBM Notes and Domino environment. But in the native Designer client, simply switching between IDs can bring your workflow to a halt.

Developers often require assistance from those with higher-ranking IDs: certain signatures are required on design elements or databases to give the green light for testing. The bottlenecks in this process are clear, but security concerns often take precedence over quick development.

signEZ eliminates these issues by giving you the best of both worlds—heightened productivity AND rock-solid security.

Secure, interruption-free ID switching and delegation

Switch between IDs without interruptions to your Notes session and while staying logged in under your own ID/password combination.

Delegate secure central signing IDs without the need to provide access to actual IDs or passwords.

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