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All Views in One Place

Analyze and adjust view and folder properties across an entire database at once.

Views become difficult to tame in larger numbers. Beyond the work required to build them, if they ever need modifying, you’re stuck having to work on only one view or folder at a time. Limitations in the way IBM Domino allows access to these views and folders often leave developers in the dark.

Shed unique light onto your views and folders:

  • See and analyze ALL properties (such as View Selection formula, Font colors, Index Discard settings, etc.) of your view and folder type design notes within a given database in a clear, sortable grid layout.
  • Edit any property with complete insight into the larger context.
  • Perform a search and replace on view selection formulas in just a few clicks.

The limited visibility when working with views is one of the great paradoxes in IBM Domino development. Lift the barriers on what you can see, analyze your views easily with viewEZ.

Locate views that contain performance-killing selection formulas easily.

viewEZ lets you audit all views within a given database to identify views that use selection formulas such as @Now, @Today, or @Username and adjust these formulas accordingly. You can even perform a Search & Replace to quickly get your views performing better.

Modify Discard and Refresh settings across multiple views fast!

Get the entire picture of how Discard and Refresh settings are affecting every view index in an entire database. Modify them across multiple views in only a couple clicks.

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