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The Whole Truth behind Column Presence and Position

See and edit all view columns across all designs of a given database, side by side and organized by their position in each view or folder, all in an intuitive GUI.

Think about the number of views in your average IBM Notes database. Are they arranged consistently? Are their formulas the same? Whether they are or aren’t isn’t immediately important—how would you ever check that? The Domino Designer client just doesn’t provide you the visibility needed to even begin to see the big picture.

viewEZ lets you see a detailed overview of all the columns contained in a selection of views and folders within a given database in a visually intuitive central interface where each column is represented by a "tile” and organized by its position in a view. The barriers of individual designs are taken out of the equation and you'll have access to a vast variety of modification capabilities.

Work with your view/folder columns in a better way—in a centralized, visual system that shows you all their details:

  • Understand the presence and position of columns in every view in an entire database or a selection of multiple views chosen through a dynamic visual chart.
  • Identify and select columns containing similar or matching formulas or a string of your choice across all your selected views within a couple of clicks.
  • Rearrange columns, change their position, copy/move columns between views, all with simple drag-and-drop controls.
  • Modify any number of column properties, or perform search & replace operations, for multiple columns at once and even across multiple views.
  • Show all shared columns used in your views. Create, modify, or link to existing shared columns in only a couple of clicks.

viewEZ lets you work with columns in an visual and intuitive manner, and provides you with the global context to see the big picture of what your views contain. Look at how easy it is to get a handle on all your views at the column level.

Modify font color in all instances of a given column at once—across all views in a database.

Quickly identify similar and identical columns across all designs within a database and modify any of their properties (such as font color) en-masse, without the time consuming, design-by-design process.

Create and deploy new columns across entire applications in only a few clicks.

Work with columns as if the barriers of individual designs didn't exist. Move, copy, or deploy columns between any number of designs in a database with drag-and-drop ease. Remove them just as easily.

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