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Mass Column Property Analysis

Work with all properties for all your view columns at once for a given database.

Considering the number of views that are contained within the average Notes database and, even more so, the number of columns contained within every one of those views, the prospect of inspecting column properties across an entire database is practically unheard of.

viewEZ neutralizes the factors of time and volume when it comes to column properties. Regardless of the number of views in a database, or columns in those views, you can parse ALL their properties into a flexible grid layout for powerful mass analysis in only a few clicks.

See all your column properties of a given database at once, regardless of which view they belong to:

  • Parse ALL column properties from all (or a selection) of views within a given database into a flexible grid for easy analysis.
  • Organize by property, filter by strings within formulas, or even by low-level details such as font color to get a quick and thorough insight into the global view/column composition from multiple angles.
  • Perform mass modifications on column properties across multiple columns regardless of what view they are in.

Get unparalleled, multi-angled insight into the overall construction of view columns in only a few clicks. See how fast it is to get a handle on all your columns, regardless of volume.

Ensure consistent width settings across all instances of a given column in an entire application.

Quickly analyze column formulas to target identical columns and ensure that their properties are consistent across all views.

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