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Visual Analysis and Mass-Modification for NSF Action Bars

Lets Notes developers work faster with fewer errors—Improve user interfaces in record time

The common problems with Lotus Notes Actions and Action Bars

Managing a single action bar is simple enough, but problems arise when you have several applications with hundreds of action bars and perhaps thousands of actions. Making changes to action bars requires tedious manually repetitive development work that carries a high risk of introducing human error. The native Lotus Notes/Domino toolset makes it difficult to correct inconsistencies between action bars. Even a seemingly trivial task like globally changing the color of your organization's action bar buttons can require thousands of clicks.

See where shared actions are used

See and manage all database's actions in a table

Change the properties of many action bars

"It's great to be able to easily update the look and feel of the action bars, as well as the actions themselves. The side affect is that it's much easier to establish a consistent look and feel across our many different apps, including legacy apps when things were still in a state of flux."
—John Dillon, Teledyne
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What are Lotus Notes actions and action bars and why are they important?

Ytria actionBarEZ is a solution for faster Lotus Notes development, here's what it lets you do:
  • Guarantee you'll have a consistent look-and-feel for any of your Notes databases' action bars in minutes
  • Enhance the end-user experience by ensuring actions are available where needed
  • Dramatically speed up development and maintenance for Notes applications by automating common repetitive tasks
  • Expand your development capabilities—take advantage of practical features that are not part of the standard Domino Designer toolset
actionBarEZ Fact Sheet

A bird's-eye-view of Lotus Notes actions and action bars

Faster Lotus Notes development and troubleshooting for actions and action bars

Extend the power of Domino Designer

EZ Suite V16.5
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