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Don't Let Rogue Agents Wreak Havoc on Your Lotus Domino Servers

With the right tools you can fix problem agents in minutes—instead of days

The common problems with Lotus Notes and Domino agents

Not all Lotus Notes and Domino agents are created equal. It's not uncommon to see buggy code, bad security settings or inappropriate run times for agents. Poorly written or wrongly scheduled agents can slow down or crash your servers, leave a mess of conflicts or even destroy data. Unfortunately, the native Domino tools for agent troubleshooting make it difficult—and sometimes impossible—to get essential problem-solving information. For example, the built-in Agent Manager will only let you see the agents that run today—that's not much help if an agent crashed the server the night before.

Analyze and modify all of a server's agents in a grid

See agent runtimes represented in a chart

In just one situation, agentEZ saved us dozens of hours of manual effort and helped us prevent any service disruption to our thousands of Notes users. Well done - a valued tool in our arsenal that I would recommend to anyone wishing to save time and improve service levels.
—Norm Van Bergen, Symcor Inc.
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What are Lotus Notes and Domino agents and why are they so important?

Ytria agentEZ is the solution for better Lotus Notes and Domino agent management, here's what it lets you do:
  • Take control of your Lotus Notes and Domino agents—with the power to instantly see all the agents on your server, you can spot problems right away and even prevent new issues from occurring
  • Fix rogue agents with ease—many common problems can be solved with a click
  • Tune your servers for optimum performance—only agentEZ gives you agent server load analysis tools for smarter scheduling and fewer performance bottlenecks
  • Expand your administration capabilities—take advantage of mass-modification features that aren't available with the the standard Domino administration toolset
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More Efficient Agent Analysis for Lotus Notes/Domino Servers

Software to Solve Your Lotus Notes/Domino Agent Issues

Extend the Power of Domino Designer and Administrator

EZ Suite V16.5
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