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Email monitoring, statistics and analysis tool for IBM Notes and Domino

Get an accurate evaluation of the savings of implementing new communication tools based on the reliable statistics compiled by audit4mail.

What is audit4mail?

This software solution for IBM Domino aggregates important information concerning your Domino mail system. It records all incoming and outgoing mails including data like:

  • Number of messages(Internals and received from the Internet)
  • Messages size
  • Number of recipients
  • Number of attachments
  • Attachments size
  • Message type (Alarm, Memo, NDR, Replies, Trace, Quota, Forwarding rules, recalls, etc.)
  • And more...

Based on this information, audit4mail allows you to:

Monitor your email usage and your user activity, and create reports that will give a complete status of your messaging system.

Access accurate information in real time


User Activity


Why use audit4mail to manage your messaging system?

Email monitoring you can depend on

Real-time Visibility of your Email Infrastructure

Statistical summaries just a few clicks away

Add more value to your messaging solutions.

  • Precisely control the use of email by referring to real-time statistics in dashboards and reports. Enable your helpdesk personnel to track and trace the status of individual emails.
  • Facilitate legal responses in case of dispute by easily tracking messages, or just simply make administration tasks easier.
  • Calculate accurate return on investment (ROI) values for implementing new communication tools based on up to date information compiled by audit4mail.

How does it work?

EASY INSTALLATION -  The audit4mail program is installed on your IBM Domino server and its functionalities are totally integrated to your IBM Notes. After installation, the application starts and does not necessitate any intervention on your behalf.

RECORDING ON THE GO – audit4mail  creates a record of each sent and received email as it happens. Each of these contains a light version of the message.

STORING ON THE SERVER - The recorded data is stored in a database and is easily accessible.


Technical information

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