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Consoles in Real-Time

Access multiple live server consoles at the same time in the same interface.

Open as many server consoles as you’d like and view them all in the same interface. Personalize your consoles using custom colors for different severity levels, and use the numerous options available to arrange them to best fit your needs.

Open multiple console instances to multiple servers in the same consoleEZ session.

Multi-consoles for multi-servers

For example if you have 3 servers you'd like to monitor, you may want to open two consoles for each one. By choosing one instance of each server console to only show fatal and failure severity events while the other console displays everything, you get to have a global overview while keeping an eye on severity events.

The consoles module comes with a number of built-in tools covering every aspect of working with your server consoles.

Apply various filters on your consoles to display information you need (e.g. only Fatal and Failure type events).
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Display a dashboard to monitor multiple servers for various types of errors as they occur.
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Access server statistics and constantly monitor server tasks.
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Interact with your servers and send console commands to multiple servers at once.
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