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Live Dashboard

Get a high-level overview of errors as they occur in real time.

The dashboard in consoleEZ enables you to know what went wrong with all the servers without having to look through their entire console history. Once opened, the dashboard feature keeps monitoring any errors across all opened consoles. It provides you with a birds-eye view of unique errors broken down to easy-to-read categories including:

  • Servers not responding.
  • Fatal Errors.
  • Failures.
  • Last Error Dates.
  • And more!

In addition to showing you a high level overview of errors, the dashboard also allows you to display the detailed error messages, and launch the console or log analyzer for any server to get to the bottom of any problems found.

Keep an eye on your servers at all times.


The live dashboard available in consoleEZ helps you keep track of any errors occurring during a given session. You will always get a high level overview of what went wrong, and you can open a given console, or further explore a server log file with just one click to find out more.

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