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Display only the information you need in one shot.

When you work within a large and busy Notes environment, one of the biggest challenges is using the native IBM Domino server console options to spot actual problems or find information in the console. With the amount of session opens, of mail routing events, and replication related messages, overseeing a server console becomes nearly impossible.

One of consoleEZ’s most powerful features is the ability to apply filters on one or multiple server consoles to only display the events you are interested in. Use the large variety of available filters to:

Decide what type of events to display.

By event type

In larger environments the amount of information shown in a given console can be overwhelming. Simplify things by using the events filters, which you can combine with other filters. For example, you can remove any events generated by the router task, and thereby ensure that you only see what’s important.

Turn your console into a to-do list by only showing errors of certain severity levels.

By severity level

When you're looking to address important problems first, it's critical not to miss any of the higher level errors. Prioritize the resolution of these by opening a set of consoles only displaying fatal and failure type events.

Apply a Regular Expression filter to show or hide certain events.

By RegEx>

Because consoleEZ allows you to open multiple consoles even to the same server to show various aspects of your consoles, it can be useful to use a Regular Expression filter to look for a particular event, process name, string, or even user name.

For example you could have a console open to a given server that shows you anything with a particular user name, while you have another console open to the same server that shows the big picture with no filters set.

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