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Log Analyzer

Scan your log file and quickly find events that occurred given a date/time range, event type, text string, etc.

Searching the log file for specific problems is a daily requirement for most administrators. Unfortunately, using the native interface can be time consuming and you can easily miss what you are looking for.

The powerful Log Analyzer module of consoleEZ allows you to scan the log file(s) of one or multiple servers.

Add multiple NSFs to one analyzer session.

Log Analyzer

If you store your logs in multiple files, this feature is useful to consolidate all your data. Whether you are using manual log file retention or database archiving to keep logs for more than 7 days, consoleEZ allows you to scan any database as long as it has the design of your log.nsf.

Facilitate your search by using the various filters to find what you need in your log file. Click on the button below to learn more.

Combine filters to narrow down & speed up your search.
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