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Narrow & Find

Combine filters to narrow down & speed up your search

Similarly to working with consoles, it’s important to be able to narrow down what you are looking for when it comes to your log.nsf. In order to make your search as accurate and fast as possible, consoleEZ offers a great amount of search filters that can be used to parse the log data before it’s displayed. You’ll be able to define your search based on the event type, the date/time range or with a regular expression.

You can further narrow your search by combining any of the above filters to make your search as fast and accurate as possible. Your search results will be shown in the powerful Ytria grid where you get to analyze them (e.g. find unique error descriptions) and even create reports in as few as 2 clicks.

Search by a particular event type like "Security".

By event type

In some cases you may just want to use ‘Security’ type events in combination with a Regular Expression query like a user name (for example, if you want to search for DAOS authentication failures, or other events logged with type security).

Specify a precise date-time range to search log events.

By date/time range

If you know when a specific event happened, the ability to precisely search a given date-time range greatly increases the speed with which you can find the event you are looking. You can further accelerate this by combining it with other filters.

Search specific columns using Regular Expression.

By RegEx

When looking for an event with a specific string (for example, an error code returned by your agents), you can use Regular Expression. Focus your search further by combining it with other filters.

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