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The Serverwide NSF Property Manager for Lotus Notes and Domino

Think your administration toolkit is good enough? Think again...

Lotus Notes database properties are integral to the security, performance, and usability of your Domino environment.
But the native admin toolkit shows only limited NSF property information from a server perspective—and it loads slowly.
What's worse, there are few native options for editing global NSF properties. Even where it's possible to modify several files' properties at a time, you get neither status information nor confirmation of changes.
Ytria databaseEZ addresses all these shortcomings and much more...

"I can't tell you how delighted I am to have access to all my Domino administration needs in one place; databaseEZ is something that I've been dreaming for a very long time!"
—Trina Richardson, Lotus Notes Administrator, Fragomen
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At Last! A Global Database Property Manager for Domino Servers

Ytria databaseEZ lets you manage database properties across an entire server. This tool gives you:

  • Faster access to serverwide NSF properties: Why wait? With databaseEZ, most critical database properties are shown nearly instantly. And because summarized data are used, many properties are visible even for databases you can't access.
  • Comprehensive database information: See nearly 100 different NSF properties* in databaseEZ’s customizable grid—the native toolkit only shows 21 properties.
  • Superior mass-editing tools: Make sweeping changes to properties across a Domino server with the confidence of knowing that you’re seeing exactly what you’re changing—plus get instant verification of results. And Full Access Administration is fully supported.
  • And much more... Including: Serverwide property analysis; Template name mass-editing; Flexible data export options; Audit or sign databases (requires signEZ); Customizable user interface.
*You can explore all of these Lotus Notes database properties in the flexible databaseEZ grouping grid interface:

Database Basics

Database Info

Database Design Properties

Full Text Options

Advanced Properties

Replication Settings



EZ Suite V16.5
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