Essentials for IBM Notes Development
& IBM Domino Administration
IBM Lotus Software
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General Information

  • IBM Notes and Domino (Lotus Notes) R6.x, R7.x, R8.x, R9.x compatible
  • Microsoft Windows XP, Vista and 7 compatible
  • Installs on the Notes client (and NOT on the server)
  • Runs independently of Notes—can run several sessions simultaneously
  • It runs even if the Notes client is busy (or even crashes)
  • Automatic tool update feature
  • Full Access Administration option
  • Localization capabilities
  • Launched from a Notes SmartIcon/Toolbar or from its executable file


  • Audit your design elements, the best and quickest way for an in-depth look at the properties of your design elements.


  • Time saving feature which allows you to modify all your design element properties in a few simple steps.
  • Apply property changes on multiple databases in batch mode


  • Powerful search engine which allows a formula based search on a wide range of settings.

Modify & Visualize your Design Element Properties

  • Quick and reliable mass modifications
  • Inherit from a design template
  • Prohibit design refresh or replace to modify
  • Propagate this prohibition of design change
  • Do not show this design element in menus of Notes R4 or later clients
  • Hide design element from web browsers
  • Hide design element from Notes R4.6 or later clients

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