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Update Design Source Properties

Mass-edit Properties for Many Elements

Ever want to make sure the design properties are used consistently throughout a database? After finding the elements that need their properties adjusted, check/uncheck the property for all the elements that need to be changed in one click.

No need to manipulate properties one-by-one

Work faster, avoid time-consuming repetition and ensure application-wide consistency of your properties. Used in combination with the Search function the Update feature allows you to select the property boxes to want to flag, and to update all selected design elements for you in one click. Updating design element properties has never been so easy!

Example: Checking for Design Inheritance

You want to be 100% sure your design elements are not inheriting from a template. Verifying each design individually to see if the "Inherit from the design template" box is empty is not the best use of your time. What you can do instead is...

  1. Perform a wildcard search on your design elements
  2. Results show the elements that are inheriting from a template (also automatically selected for you)
  3. Go to the Update window and make sure the "Inherit from the design template" is empty. Click Update. Mission Complete.

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