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Access Replication History for multiple servers

Even while looking for replicas of the same database across multiple servers, there is the question of which of these have been replicating with each other and when? Replication History entries are stored by databases individually, so how can we see all this in one place? Ytria’s replicationEZ offers a way to load the Replication History for multiple databases and their replicas across all selected servers, and display all this in the Replication History grid for further analysis.

Replication History Grid
  • The Replication history grid is flexible because even if the history entries have been loaded for certain databases, you can add more histories to it using the “Append or Refresh Replication History Grid” function. This grid is capable of holding the replication events for as many databases as needed.
  • Quickly analyze replication history by grouping the Replica ID and/or Server Name columns and the grid shows all History entries grouped by replicas and then the servers.
  • Reporting/Exporting is always just a few clicks away. Data can easily be exported using various methods.
Replication History Chart
  • Understand the replication hierarchy and past replication events by selecting one database from either the main or the Replication History grid, and then by loading the Replication History chart as a visual display of the Replication History Grid.
  • View the replication topology for selected databases & replicas in the chart, including the time and direction of the last replication.
  • Rearrange the components in the chart as needed, and zoom in or out to get a clear image of your connections. Note that the data has already been loaded in the grid, there may be entries that refer to other servers which have not been loaded in the grid. These servers are represented in grey in the History Chart.
  • Export the Replication History Chart for reporting purposes.

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