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Comparing Replication Content & ACLs

It’s important to ensure that database replication is properly functioning and that the right databases are in synch in terms of their content and settings. Comparing these in replicas across multiple servers with replicationEZ is an essential step for replication peace of mind.

Note Counters for documents, designs, and other database content
  • The Note Counters feature gives a glimpse into one or more selected databases and all their replicas across the servers by displaying the number of Documents/Designs and even different classes of designs like private Design Class Notes or Deletion Stubs.
  • Group by the ‘Inconsistency Found’ column within the convenient Note Counters grid, and receive instant information about the databases and note classes where the counter found inconsistencies across the replicas.
Database properties and settings
  • Besides the generic properties displayed in the Main Grid, replicationEZ offers the ability to add up to 5 key database properties from the Grid Data Composition panel, enabling you to compare replicas by various aspects:
    • Properties like Size, Creation Date, ODS, or even Last document level modification
    • Settings like DAOS, Template inheritance, etc…
    • Replication settings like scheduled replication priority, replication limitation properties, etc…
Application Access Control Lists (ACLs)
  • Consistent ACLs are mandatory for successfully replicating databases and replicationEZ’s Compare ACLs feature, similar to the Note Counters function, is capable of loading and comparing all ACL settings, entries, flags and roles across one or more selected databases.
  • The ACL Comparator grid offers the ‘Inconsistency found’ column grouping which instantly shows all ACL Entries or properties out of sync across replicas. Add another layer of grouping using the Replica ID column to even break down inconsistencies to the affected databases.

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