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Discover All Replicas

Administrators require the answer to the following simple questions like “Where has a database been replicated?” or “How many replicas of this database are there across all servers?” The answer to these questions is replicationEZ’s Discover Replicas feature.
Ytria’s replicationEZ is able to be started in a partially loaded mode from within the context of a database of interest. Simply select the Workspace icon, or open the database before starting the tool.
Once replicationEZ is launched, using the “Discover all Replicas” feature lets replicationEZ do the work. The process looks up the selected database’s replication history, and attempts to open all replicas found. All responsive servers are then added to the grid (also in a partially loaded mode). This results in seeing all the replicas that the initially selected database has ever made contact with, all displayed in the Discover Replicas grid.

Replication History Grid
  • When both the server and the replica file are accessible, the server in question is added to the list of partially loaded servers on the left, and the appropriate History entry to the Discover replicas grid, with a color that indicates its status.

    • Green coloring indicates that this database could be opened.
    • History entries highlighted in red indicate that the replica in question could not be accessed.
The Discover Replicas Chart
  • Get a graphical representation of where replicas were found by using the Discover Replicas Chart and also find out about their availability.
  • The Discover Replicas Chart shows entries in a convenient graphical layout, even indicating when the last replication happened and in which direction.
  • Export the image of the Discover Replicas Chart for reporting purposes.

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