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Replication management tool for Lotus Domino administrators

Find, display and analyze all replicas across Domino servers

What is replicationEZ?

Ytria’s replicationEZ is a Domino administration tool for database replication management, analysis and troubleshooting. It allows you to easily answer some fundamental questions about replication:

  • What is the scope of replication? What is replicating and where?
  • What are the effective values of the main properties of the replicas on different servers?
  • Are there any fundamental differences between replicas? What are they? Are their ACLs in sync?
    Are the main database properties in sync?
  • Where did a specific database replicate to? Where did a particular replica originate from?
  • What are the actual replication settings set on my servers? What is set to replicate and most importantly, where will it replicate?
  • What happened across my servers and when? What did replicate on the servers?
    What volume of data did it involve?
Why use replicationEZ to manage your replicas?

Access, display, and analyze replicas across multiple servers or even an entire domain. Ytria’s replicationEZ provides a snapshot of the current and past states of replication, and even reveals future replication events based on general and database settings. Important features include finding all replicas of a specific database across the server network, discovering duplicates, and comparing database properties such as ACLs, settings and note counts (documents, designs, etc). Visually analyze connections between replicas and between servers, and fully understand how replication is set to occur across the domain.

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