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Manage Lotus Notes/Domino ACLs & Roles

See and edit Access Control Lists (ACLs)—Look inside groups, copy/paste and import/export ACLs

Tired of clicking around in the Lotus Notes ACL to see what’s happening? Use this feature to have a flat view of the entire ACL in one place.
Lotus Notes Database ACLs All in One Table The advantage of using scanEZ is the ability to see and edit ACL entries all in one table. It's much easier to understand ACL access rights or roles attributed when they are lined up row-by-row—avoiding the need to click back and forth on each individual ACL entry as in Lotus Notes. Group Expander Expand groups to see exactly who (i.e. member) is in a group that is set in an ACL entry. Useful for exploring nested groups in complex ACLs. Effective Access Tool

The advantage of using the Effective Access tool in scanEZ is that it allows you to quickly change the server and database. This allows you to check an ACL entry's Effective Access in several places very quickly and conveniently.

Additonal Built-In ACL Utilities
  • Export ACL (i.e. replace) to another database
  • Import an ACL from another database
  • Export ACL to a file, typically for further investigation or as a backup
  • ACL history can be exported to a file
  • Ability to toggle the "Enforce a consistent ACL across all replicas of this database" flag

Quick tip: If you have a "local" database it also means that you have full access to it, even if the "Enforce a consistent ACL across all replicas of this database" option is set in the ACL. This means you can change the ACL on any local database, even the "Enforce a consistent ACL across all replicas of this database" flag itself.

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