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Lotus Notes/Domino Replication Conflict Solver

Easily Compare, Merge and Resolve Lotus Notes/Domino Replication and Save Conflict Documents

Normally you first need to find Lotus Notes replication conflict documents in a database (means coding a view and/or agent), before manually comparing the differences between each field to see where the conflict is occurring. Only then can you finally code something to actually take care of the replication conflict documents.

Resolve Replication Conflicts with a Few Clicks—Literally

So why use scanEZ? Well, it lets you solve conflicts with ease—scanEZ's Conflict Solver lets you compare parent and conflict documents side-by-side. You can keep the correct data and delete the conflict all with only a few mouse clicks...See it for yourself.

1- See All Conflicts

The Conflict Solver of scanEZ is a fully featured tool to manage any Lotus Notes save or replication conflict situation in a database. When you launch the Conflict Solver, it automatically scans the current database and finds all save or replication conflict documents; listing them all for you in an instant. Detecting conflicts is done for you, so there's no need to find them manually yourself.

One of the biggest reasons (for buying scanEZ) is the ease of merging replication conflict documents. Right now my task is to get rid of those on four servers. That's over 3600 documents! With scanEZ it makes my job a lot easier. I'm sure I haven't even touched some of the other tools I could be using!
—Kathy Randlett, Kronos
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2- Compare the Conflicting Field(s)

Avoid comparing the fields manually with the Show only fields with different values between documents button, that way you can focus on the fields that are in conflict.

3- Choose the Field Values To Keep

Naturally with scanEZ, you can choose to see all the contents of the conflicting documents all in one panel (or focus only on the conflicting fields). Then it is simply a matter of mouse clicks, for you to select exactly which field values you want to keep. The selections you make are also color coded, making it easy to identify the changes you make before clicking the Solve button.

4- Solve the Conflict With a Click

Solving save/replication conflicts in a Lotus Notes database has never been so easy, you can literally resolve and merge replication conflicts with a couple of mouse clicks. When you solve the conflict, scanEZ will apply your choice to the main document, deleting all its conflict documents, bringing you back to a conflict-free position. It also automatically deletes the replication conflict document and displays the next replication conflict document in the Lotus Notes database for you.

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