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Domino Designer Integration in scanEZ

You can now access scanEZ right inside Domino Designer

Thanks to the Ytria Designer Widget, it’s now possible to access scanEZ and other Ytria tools right inside Domino Designer (Domino Designer version 8.5-or-higher is required). Now scanEZ’s tools are just a click away in Domino Designer While there are numerous advantages that come from scanEZ working as a standalone application, running independently of Lotus Notes and Domino (e.g. processing in scanEZ will never tie up your Notes/Domino session) it’s also nice to have the tools you need accessible in the Designer client. And as of scanEZ version 10, you can!

The Eclipse-based Domino Designer and scanEZ in perfect harmony

Domino Designer integration lets you select and open design elements in scanEZ. What’s more, it gives you one-click access to the Replication Auditor, the Post-Replication Audtior and the Notes.ini Editor. And even tighter integration between scanEZ and Domino Designer is planned for upcoming revisions.

The EZ Suite has always been separate applications and something you launched alongside Notes or Domino Designer (albeit from a SmartIcon) but in version 10 they take it to the next level by providing integration directly into Domino Designer on Eclipse (DDE).
—Mikkel Flindt Heisterberg, Lotus Notes developer and blogger at
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