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& IBM Domino Administration
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Access All Lotus Notes/Domino Database Designs & Docs

See things that Notes won't let you see like deletion stubs, profiles, a complete list of conflicts and more

Typically, to investigate Lotus Notes database problems you need to find and examine a Note in your database. This often means coding a single-use view and/or agent (which may or may not reveal the problem).

Examine a Database Without Views or Agents

Ytria scanEZ is a utility that allows you to navigate and display the complete contents of any Lotus Notes database file. Database components (ACL, designs, documents, profile documents, deletion stubs, conflicts) are all shown in a tree structure in real-time.

Don't Miss Anything in a Lotus Notes Database

Unlike a single-use view, you are certain to see everything that is actually in your Lotus Notes database with scanEZ. There's no need to worry if you are missing anything.

Access to a Database's Replica ID and More...
  • See the current Replica ID of a database
  • Copy and paste the Replica ID of a database
  • Create a new Replica ID for a database
  • Open documents from your Notes client directly in scanEZ
  • Export notes to a text or spreadsheet file
  • Use a formula to customize the explorer with the "Change displayed title" option
  • Set or unset the "Enforce a consistent access control list across all replicas of this database" option

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Thousands of organizations use Ytria software for faster Notes development and better Domino administration

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