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Edit and Compare Multiple Lotus Notes Designs & Documents

See the difference between many documents and quickly mass-modify them all without any agents

Have to modify or deal with a big number of Lotus Notes documents? Quickly spot inconsistencies and mass-modify documents the way you want…without agents. Example: Apply a formula on a field in over 1000 documents.

Differencing, Comparing and Modifying Lotus Notes Documents

With Ytria scanEZ you can compare and contrast the contents of any group of documents with scanEZ's advanced Diff'ing tool—it will show you which fields are the same (or different) in the selection of documents in a sortable (and exportable) table.

Mass-Modify Lotus Notes documents—Without Agents
  • Create new fields in as many documents as you'd like all at the same time.
  • Rename existing fields in many documents simultaneously.
  • Modify or edit a field's content in as many documents as you'd like all at once (or apply a computed formula).
  • Apply a formula to modify field data in a document(s).
  • Copy or delete several fields in many documents simultaneously.
  • Copy documents or groups of documents to a Notes folder or to another database.

Comparing Lotus Notes Documents (also Comparing Fields)

Want an easy way to simply see and compare two (or more) documents? You can compare the content of documents side-by-side with scanEZ.

In the second image (right side), each column represents a document, and each row represents a field. In one click, you can see and locate the differences between all the selected documents. Any field can be looked at individually, the same way when you are navigating a database with scanEZ. With the Comparator, you can easily compare field lists all in one convenient table, listing all values for each Lotus Notes document.

An Example from the Every Day Life of a Notes Developer:

You have an old database with a long history of modifications and appends. Fields that should be Readers, are just Names at times (and not even present where you expect them to be).

The Traditional Method:
One solution is to write an agent just to see what is really happening. Then analyze your situation and then change the field type (this requires LotusScript at least) and create the non-existing fields.

The scanEZ Method:
With the Diff, you select the field, ask scanEZ to modify its value with a formula and set the type to Readers. One click and it's done. Not one line of code is needed.

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