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Find Problem Documents in Lotus Notes Databases

Track down 'special' documents like orphans with scanEZ's Document Analyzer

Having trouble finding orphan documents in a Lotus Note database? Not a problem, find these and other "problem" documents instantly with a mouse click.

Find Documents That LotusScript Cannot

The Documents Analyzer lets you find specific documents that even formulas or LotusScript cannot find for you. Easily find irregularities in your Lotus Notes database and repair them.

What Else Can scanEZ Find For Me?

Here are the different Lotus Notes documents that you can track down with the Document Analyzer in scanEZ:

  • Orphan response documents (missing its parent)
  • Parent documents missing its orphans
  • Response documents that are their own parent
  • Documents with fields that have unnecessary sign flag set
  • Documents with fields that have unnecessary encrypt flag set
  • Documents with authors fields
  • Documents with readers fields
  • Documents with multiple fields with the same name
  • Documents with a $Conflict field but no valid parent
  • Documents that are their own conflict
  • Documents with summarized item data in excess of 20k; 25k; or 30k

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