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Lotus Notes/Domino NSF and Document Viewer

See all design elements and all the documents inside an NSF database in an expandable tree

The only way to see the actual underlying data of a document in the Lotus Notes client is through its document property box (data seen through a view or form may be masking problems). This is where scanEZ can be useful: It can show data and settings that otherwise cannot be accessed (as it is stored in a Lotus Notes database file).

Practical Lite Version Available

Besides being hard to read, it's tough to find any information in the limited Notes property box. So why continue to use it when you can use the free Lite (or Full) version of scanEZ? Download scanEZ now.

See What a Notes Document is Really Made Of

Users of scanEZ don't need to worry about forgetting or missing a property or item value in a document. scanEZ automatically shows you the entire contents (also sortable) of each document stored in the database in a large re-sizable window. And a nice handy feature is the ability to quickly perform a quick-search within the document to find exactly what you want.

Direct Access to Document Items and Properties
  • No need to ‘fight’ the Notes property box ever again
  • Document and item information shown includes:
    • Number of values in a field (useful for lists)
    • Duplicate ID
    • Sequence Number
    • Last Modification Date
    • Index of the field (order in which fields has been created by Lotus Notes)
    • Field flags (Summary, Signed, Encrypted or Protected)
    • Field size (in Bytes),
    • Field and its full value, shown by its type for each field
  • Instant access to the UNID and NoteID (which you can copy and paste), and lifetime information of the document.
  • A summary of all Authors and Readers of a document. Easy for you to delete a name from all readers fields.
  • Optional hexadecimal view of field contents. Useful when you are developing with the C API, and you need to fully understand what is exactly going on.
Easily See Document Relationships and Create Reports
  • Access to all responses in the document (even deleted ones)
  • Explore and navigate documents through their parent/response relationship
  • Copy and paste items right from the grid
  • Create reports with scanEZ's export function (customized formats, DXL). For example: It could be useful to export a list of all document fields to a spreadsheet file format for further analysis.

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