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Lotus Notes Profile Docs, Documents and Fields

Edit Profiles, Documents and Field Data in any Domino Database without Views or Agents

To find a Lotus Notes document (or profile document, design element etc.) it means changing the design of the database (creating a form and/or view). Making a data change, or deleting an item can also require you to write (and of course test) an agent.

Use Your Mouse, Not Agents

Just imagine if you could easily change anything you need in an interactive interface that lets you do this with only a few mouse clicks.

  • Create a new Profile Document (private or public)
  • Change the value of any field you want in a document or design element
  • Change the type of any field in a document or design element. Example: transform a field from Text to Number, or Text to Reader, etc.
  • Delete any document, design element or deletion stub instantly with a click
  • Create a new document (optionally providing its form name)
Find, Edit and Delete Profile Documents

Ytria scanEZ also lets you find, edit and delete profile documents (for example: a CalendarProfile profile document). Using scanEZ it's just as easy to directly act on a profile document as it is for "normal" documents—no forms, views or agents are ever needed.

What Else Can I Do When Using scanEZ?

There are many more document related features that are built-in scanEZ:

  • Create new fields, or delete existing fields
  • Use formulas to set (or compute) the value of an existing or new field
  • Test a formula on a document—useful for validating a column formula
  • Turn a document into the response of another document
  • Compute a document with a form (Compute with form)
  • Change document flags—i.e. set any field as not Signed and as Summary (allowing it to be available in views)
  • Copy and move any kind of document (even designs or profile documents) to any other database

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