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Lotus Notes Notes.ini Editor

Edit the Notes.ini Without Restarting the Notes Client—Works on Your Server Notes.ini too

Are you sick of restarting Notes every time you make a change to your current notes.ini file? Imagine not having to with this built–in notes.ini editor.

Using the Lite (free) version of scanEZ you have the ability to sort the list of entries by Value (or by Name), or search for a value (type-ahead search is also featured) in the Notes.ini file. And of course you can directly edit the notes.ini file and have the changes apply right away.

Edit Your Notes.ini Without Restarting Notes

Any changes made through the Notes.ini editor are IMMEDIATE, meaning that the value you created or changed is immediately seen by your Lotus Notes client. No need to close your Notes client to edit your notes.ini file (since the Lotus Notes client caches the notes.ini file on startup), and no need to create a piece of code just to set (or reset) a specific environment variable.

Also, the System (no icon) and User (identified with a small icon) environment variables are listed together, letting you see both variables at once.

Edit a Server's Notes.ini

The header speaks for itself: Provided that you have proper access and permission, you can use scanEZ to easily edit a server's notes.ini file too. What's more, scanEZ lets you export a text version of your server's Notes.ini file for easy offline analysis and handy local backups.

Available in scanEZ Lite

Download scanEZ and try the Notes.ini Editor today. This tool is available in the Lite (free) version of scanEZ (Note: Editing the server Notes.ini requires the full version of scanEZ).

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