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Finally See What Happens When Lotus Notes/Domino Replicates

See what exactly happens when a database replicates— and see ghost documents too...Only in scanEZ!

Usually, Lotus Notes databases are set on a replication schedule and when they replicate, no one has any idea what data is being replicated. In Lotus Notes, there is simply no way of having this information…until now. The Replication Auditor in scanEZ is the tool to see exactly which database elements replicate between one database replica to another; in essence telling you what happens before the next replication.

Preview Replications to Prevent Conflicts and Other Replication-Related Problems from Happening

When you launch the Replication Auditor, the current Lotus Notes database is automatically selected for you. Simply, select the replica database, click the Audit button and see the elements that have changed (and will replicate) for the next replication.

Arrows quickly help you identify the Send/Receive (or Push/Pull) of elements that would occur in the next database replication. Other icons help indicate where database changes have occurred, offering some trace ability to see where the original change has been made.

In addition, potential replication conflicts are automatically identified, giving you a chance to fix the problem before it occurs. The Replication Auditor also provides easy access to compare documents, and allows you to instantly edit or delete any document at the last-minute.

Diagnose Ghost (or Resurrected) Document Problems—Documents that "Re-appear" in a Database

On the flip side, we also have the Post-Replication Auditor which will show you exactly what has replicated in a Lotus Notes database. This can be especially useful in tracking down deleted documents that seem to re-appear out of nowhere after a replication process (most likely due to deletion stubs being purged, or if someone has not replicated in a long time).

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