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Search Engine for Lotus Notes Databases

Track down a note using a variety of search options | Search by UNID | NoteID | NoteID Range | Design Element Title | Formula | Contents of a View or Folder or Full-Text

Find any Lotus Notes document by its UNID, NoteID, or create (save/load) a search formula without having to program a single agent. Your search results are always placed into a "My Selection" folder, in which you can add or remove any document as you see fit. Think of it as a "super" virtual Lotus Notes Folder.

An Extensive Set of Search Tools
  • Search by UNID
  • Search by NoteID
  • Search by NoteID Range
  • Search Design element by Title (search for them if you know their name or alias)
  • Search by Formula (save/load custom formulas)
  • Search the Contents of a View or Folder (obtain all available documents from a database View or a Folder)
  • Search by Full Text (even more powerful if the full text index is available)
Grouping Documents (with 'My Selection' Folders)

'My Selection' virtual folders let you group any notes inside your Notes database together for processing. Users can quickly create custom groups of documents for any specific use, by combining the search and document selection capabilities in scanEZ.

Refining Documents in your 'My Selection' Folders
  • Add documents from one group to another
  • Remove documents from one group to another
  • Intersect documents from one group to another
  • Search within search results
  • Display documents the way you want using the title manager (e.g. by its field value)
  • Select documents with regular expressions (based on the document's title)

All these tools are here to help you create custom groups of documents for your needs—whether it's for mass document modifications or to simply place a refined collection of documents into a "real" Notes Folder.

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