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General Information

  • IBM Notes and Domino (Lotus Notes) R6.x, R7.x, R8.x, R9.x compatible
  • Microsoft Windows XP, Vista and 7 compatible
  • Installs on the Notes client (and NOT on the server)
  • Runs independently of Notes—can run several sessions simultaneously
  • It runs even if the Notes client is busy (or even crashes)
  • Automatic tool update feature
  • Full Access Administration option
  • Localization capabilities
  • Launched from a Notes SmartIcon/Toolbar or from its executable file
  • Opens current selection (database, a document, or a design element)
  • Select multiple documents in a Lotus Notes view and open them in scanEZ
  • No limit on the volume of data
  • Export to/Import from DXL file
  • XSLT function

Conflict Solver

  • Instantly lists all save or replication conflicts in a database
  • See only the differences between a parent document and its response
  • Choose (or directly edit) the document items to be saved, when resolving the conflict
  • Merges the parent and conflict document with the fields you choose
  • Automatically deletes the replication conflict response document upon resolution

Replication Auditor

  • See potential conflicts before the next replication
  • See exactly which database elements will replicate before the next replication
  • Change the replication "winner" outcome, and prevent replication conflicts
  • Grouping, sorting and filtering grid capability
  • See the origin of document modification (in this database or from an outside source)
  • See the latest changes in a database

Post-Replication Auditor

  • See exactly which database elements have recently replicated between one database replica to another
  • See only ghosts (deleted documents that have re-appeared or resurrected) in a database
  • Grouping, sorting and filtering grid capability

Profile Documents

  • Access and view all profile documents in a database
  • See all the personal profile documents together
  • Create new profile documents
  • Edit profile documents directly
  • Delete profile documents directly
  • Copy or move profile documents to another database

Database Properties

  • See the general properties of a database
  • Create a new replica ID (or replication ID)
  • Copy a replica ID (or replication ID)
  • Paste a replica ID (or replication ID)
  • Toggle the "Enforce a consistent ACL across all replicas of this database" flag
  • Edit the Title, Inherit from, Template and Categories properties
  • See and Export User Activity and Replication History
  • Export Replication history or the User activity to a text file
  • Effective access button on database panel

ACL Management/Editor

  • Visualize the entire database ACL in a customizable grid
  • Edit the Access Control List (ACL) entries
  • Copy and paste ACL entries between databases
  • Expand groups to see all its members
  • Grouping, sorting and filtering grid capability
  • Export ACL to a text file
  • See all roles in a database
  • Add, rename, and remove roles
  • Easily see effective access to a database

Deletion Stubs

  • View all deletion stubs, sorted by agent, document, form, view...
  • Delete deletion stubs from the database
  • Deletion stub explorer: Lists deletion stubs for grouping, sorting and filtering
  • Search for deletion stubs by UNID, NOTEID, Deletion Time etc.

Design Elements

  • See all design elements in a database
  • View the properties of all design elements, the way Notes stores them
  • View all design elements by type, like in Domino Designer
  • See private views, folders and agents
  • Switch an agent from shared to private (or vice versa)
  • Edit design elements item value (i.e $Flags value) or even the type
  • Toggle the Hide/Show database design flag
  • Clean the $UpdatedBy fields of design elements

Searching Documents

  • Search for a document in a database
  • Search by UNID (capabilities expanded to support a list of UNIDs)
  • Search by NoteID (capabilities expanded to support a list of NoteIDs)
  • Search by NoteID Range
  • Search Design Element by Title
  • Search by Formula
  • Quick Retrieve Contents of a View or Folder
  • Search using Full Text ("Word Variant" and "Fuzzy" also available)
  • Document Analyzer: Find special documents (i.e. orphan responses etc.)
  • Type ahead search for items (fields) in a document

Documents and Document Fields/Items

  • See all the documents contained in a database
  • See all items on a document
  • Type ahead search for items (fields) in a document
  • Grouping and sorting items within a document
  • See the general information on a document
  • See and edit all readers for a document
  • See and edit all authors for a document
  • Visualize and navigate through the parent/response documents
  • Compare fields side by side

Single Document Operations

  • Create an item within a document
  • Rename an item within a document
  • Copy any item within a document
  • Paste any item within a document
  • Modify any item within a document
  • Delete any item within a document
  • Option to delete without creating a deletion stub
  • Change UNID
  • Compute document with a form
  • Open document in Notes client
  • Open document in web client
  • Set new parent for a response document
  • Test or evaluate a formula (@formula) on a field in any Lotus Notes document
  • Built-in formula editor (auto complete, formula color scheme, history)
  • Copy document items to clipboard (Ctrl+C) and paste in any application
  • Copy a document UNID
  • Copy a document NoteID

Mass Document Operations

Listing and Grouping Documents (using Display Titles and My Selection features)

  • List documents by any item value
  • List documents by a resulting formula
  • Create specific/custom groups of documents for a desired action (whether it's to edit, delete, copy, move, apply a formula on them all etc.)
  • Add documents to a group
  • Add response documents to a group
  • Remove documents from a group
  • Intersect documents with a group
  • Select documents showing the same value with Select All with Identical Displayed Title feature
  • Select documents with regular expressions
  • Regular expression history also kept for re-use, can also be saved
  • Manually select documents
  • Add documents in group to a Notes folder
  • Delete a group of documents
  • Copy documents from one database to another
  • Move documents from one database to another
  • Re-categorize an existing group of documents with various information (default, flat, field name, formula, and column value)

Comparing Documents (comparing a small number of documents)

  • Compare documents side by side
  • Display only the differences between documents

Diff (see differences between large sets of documents)

  • Show a Diff table (a kind of "consistency comparison") between large sets of documents to quickly see any inconsistencies (keeps results in cache for performance enhancements)
  • Categorize and sort Diff results
  • Export the Diff results to a file
  • See item values for many documents all in one grid
  • Export the values grid to a file or DXL
  • Create a new field in many documentsásimultaneously
  • Rename several fields in many documentsásimultaneously
  • Copy several fields in many documentsásimultaneously
  • Edit an item (type, value) in many documentsásimultaneously
  • Apply a formula to an item (using the formula editor) in many documentsásimultaneously
  • Save and load formulas
  • Delete a field in many documentsásimultaneously
  • Merge similar items together found in many different documents
  • DocLinks Modifier to edit many DocLinks at once

Notes.ini Editor

  • Edit current notes.ini file
  • Edit a server notes.ini file
  • View, and sort the notes.ini file contents
  • Edit the notes.ini file in real-time (no need to exit Notes for setting to be applied)

scanEZ URL

  • scanEZ can be launched using a special 'scanEZ://'-type URLs
  • Open Notes documents directly in scanEZ

scanEZ Extension Database

Downloadable add-on
  • Allows you copy multiple web URLs and open them in scanEZ
  • Allows you to select multiple documents from the Lotus Notes client and open them in scanEZ (no agents required)

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