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Signing a Notes Application and Delegate Signing IDs

Sign Designs and Delegate Lotus Notes Signature ID Files

Do you want full control over the design elements that you sign in a Domino database? Do your developers need the ability to sign design elements with a signing id, but you don't want to provide them with physical access to the id? If so then signEZ is the solution you've been looking for. Streamline the Signing Process

  • Sign only the design elements that require changes (Contrast this with the inflexible signing capabilities of the Designer and Administrator clients)
  • No need to switch ID files in your Notes client when signing apps with different a ID file
  • Save your password and stop re-typing it every single time you need to sign
  • Sign several applications/databases at once—powerful batch mode and command line support helps streamline application signing and lets organizations tailor signEZ to fit their needs.
Delegate Signing IDs without Compromising Security
  • Delegate signing IDs without granting inappropriate access or even revealing the password
  • Administrators can delegate the use of signing IDs while maintaining strict control over who uses these IDs and how they are used
  • Store a special signature ID file and define who can sign with it and where (i.e. database) they can sign with it
  • Share cross certificates easily by uploading and copying them through the signEZ database

The top benefits for me are: The ability to sign design elements by a trusted ID without having to grant access to the physical ID or password. Separation of Duties and Process Control have become major issues in the new Sarbanes-Oxley procedures environment and SignEZ appears to allow us to remove the development staff from the moving & signing of design elements in the production environment.
—Comments from a survey on Ytria products
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