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Signing Designs in Many Lotus Notes Databases

Save and re-use specific signing processes

Do you need to sign many Lotus Notes and Domino database applications all at once? Or re-use different signing settings? The signEZ database is where you can accomplish this. Settings are Saved in the signEZ Database We provide a sample Lotus Notes database (the signEZ database) for you to create as many Settings documents as you need. It's in these Settings documents that you can specify the signing or auditing process you want to save (and later re-use).
Example: Signing Several Databases An administrator wants to sign 50 databases before they go onto a production server. The first time he would need to create and set up the Settings documents. But, from that point on whenever he needs to sign those same 50 databases, all it would take from him is a click of a button to sign them all.

signEZ signing many Lotus Notes databases

Note: We've purposely left the design to the signEZ database open, so if you wish, you can modify it to fit your own needs.

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