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Lotus Notes View Management and Mass-Modification Tool

Give Lotus Notes applications a professional polish in record time—No more mind-numbing repetition

The common problems with Lotus Notes views

For all their usefulness, Lotus Notes views are frequently a major headache for developers. Any updates must be performed manually, one-by-one. And even basic cosmetic changes (like changing the colors of a number of views to meet corporate identity requirements) can require hours or even days of painstaking tedious repetition to complete. What's more, the need to perform all these repetitive manual tasks tends to introduce human error to the process of Lotus Notes development.

Verify and mass-edit column properties

Columns are shown in a table for easy analysis

Change properties for many views and folders at once

"viewEZ has saved me 100s of hours! We have a suite of databases that make up our CRM and we were changing the properties on every single view (i.e. alternating row colors, fonts, etc). What would have normally taken most of a week for my entire team was cut down to less than an hour to do the entire suite of databases."
Neale A. Wooten, Perceptive Software, Inc.
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What are Lotus Notes and Domino views and why are they so important?

Ytria viewEZ is a solution for faster Lotus Notes development, here's what it lets you do:
  • Get a consistent, professional look-and-feel for all your Lotus Notes database views in minutes
  • Enhance the end-user experience by ensuring relevant columns are available where needed
  • Dramatically speed up development and maintenance for Lotus Notes applications
  • Expand your development capabilities—take advantage of practical features that are not part of the standard Domino Designer toolset
viewEZ Fact Sheet

Total view and column analysis

Faster Lotus Notes development and troubleshooting for views and columns

Extend the power of Domino Designer

EZ Suite V16.5
Your favorite tools just got a lot smarter!
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Thousands of organizations use Ytria software for faster Notes development and better Domino administration

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