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Customer Stories

Read how IBM Notes and Domino professionals are accomplishing amazing things with the help of Ytria tools

Case Study | SOBIS

SOBIS is a company specialized in IBM Notes and Domino services and solutions with offices in Germany, Switzerland as well as India, and with approximately 100 employees.


Help desk response time was lagging because of a large number of conflict documents generated daily.
Product development processes were bottlenecked by demanding user interface and security standards.
Product development was further negatively impacted since senior IT staff spent a significant amount of time on help desk tasks instead of development.


Empowering help desk staff and increasing their productivity.
Daily savings in development labour between 500-2500 min
Doubling of end-user customer base over a five year period without increasing staff.
Leaner operations that enable competitive pricing.

"In the past things that took half an hour would now be solved in five minutes thanks to Ytria Tools."
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Case Study | Osprey Consultancy

Osprey Consultancy provides third and fourth level IBM (Lotus) Notes and Domino support through annual contracts to clients of various sizes spanning several industries.


The nature of annual contracts equals high opportunity costs if a project is not completed in a timely manner.
Difficulty in diagnosing after the initial troubleshooting by the client, since it was sometimes carried out based on unfounded assumptions, and gave rise to further issues.


Faster project delivery times by reducing the number of repetitive tasks.
Greater accuracy for large scale changes with databaseEZ’s verification process.
Increased focus on strategic thinking and other value-added activities using time gained.
Stronger business relationships forged by consistently providing quality work quickly.

"For me, databaseEZ and the rest of the Ytria toolset are priceless."
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Case Study | Practice Plan

John Cawrey, currently an IT director for Practice Plan, UK, developed applications for start-ups and small businesses.


Situation where writing an agent to fix or undo things does not work.
Writing an agent daily, even if it’s in 15 minutes, results in many hours in the long run.
Agents that were written for a one time use may be left behind and accidentally activated in the future.
Difficult to update or modify inherited applications through Domino Designer.


Inspecting records, grouping them in batches and fixing all the various things that went wrong.
Faster solution since using scanEZ for a few minutes is less than the time required in writing an agent.
Facilitated ad-hoc reporting in scanEZ saves lots of time for database managers.
Updating design views with accuracy and consistency with viewEZ.

"Any self-employed developer should have scanEZ."
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Case Study | Teradyne

Fabrice Langlois, Notes Developer and IT Systems Architect at Teradyne, a world leader in test equipment design and manufacturing.


End users wait for weeks to solve basic requests because a design change in production is required to run the formula.
Some Notes tools lock up the Notes client or display pop-ups which prevent you from doing anything else.
Finding rogue agents required checking every database.


Significant increase in response rate to end user requests for basic things. They were completed in three hours with scanEZ instead of three weeks.
The ability to work independently of Notes since Ytria tools are standalone applications.
Days manual testing and validation saved with viewEZ for periodic major updates.
Recognition and a promotion for Fabrice Langlois.

"Having the Ytria tools furthered my career."
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Case Study | At Once GmbH

Thomas Lang, Managing Director of at once GmbH, an IBM Notes and Domino (Lotus) consulting company in Germany.


Various issues from migrating from one Notes environment to another during a company merger.
Changing document access rights is common, and in large environments requires 2-3 days work.
Peering inside problematic workflow documents to see how fields are set in the Notes client is next to impossible.


Fixing migration problems in 20 minutes instead of hours with scanEZ and aclEZ.
Repairing problematic 100,000 documents in 15 minutes with scanEZ.
Using scanEZ as a quick diagnosis tool for defective workflow documents.
Ability to take on bigger jobs because of the gain in productivity from using the tools.

"When you call an electrician, you hope he shows up to your home with good tools"
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