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How to see and easily change your current notes.ini

NOTE: Our ‘Tips and Tricks’ section has been superseded by the Ytria Tech Lab. Archived tips are still being kept here for reference purposes. Please check the Ytria Tech Lab frequently for all the latest tips, tricks and tutorials to help you get the most out of your Ytria toolkit.

Open scanEZ, and click the Notes.ini icon in the scanEZ toolbar.

The Notes.ini editor appears with the current Notes.ini configuration information. System (no icon) and User (identified with a small icon) environment variables are listed together, letting you see both variables at once. Click the Name or Value column header to sort the fields.

Click the New button to add new fields, the Edit button to edit the field values, and the Delete button to delete fields. A basic text search is available as well in the menu Search > Find.

Any changes made are applied in real-time, which means that the changes take place without requiring you to restart Notes. (Note: The only limitation is that you cannot edit the server's notes.ini configuration).

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