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How to select documents and export a set of fields to any text format

NOTE: Our ‘Tips and Tricks’ section has been superseded by the Ytria Tech Lab. Archived tips are still being kept here for reference purposes. Please check the Ytria Tech Lab frequently for all the latest tips, tricks and tutorials to help you get the most out of your Ytria toolkit.

Select any Notes database (email, personal address book, applications etc.) on your workspace, open scanEZ from the Notes client toolbar. Click the Documents category from the tree.

Choose a category (create a your own category if necessary) of documents you want to export. In the scanEZ toolbar, click the Export button to export the documents to a text format. Type in the path and name of the text file (example: C:\export.txt) and select the Format Options you want (Tabular or Structured Text Settings, header, delimiter etc.) for the export, then click OK.

Note: For individual documents you can also copy to your clipboard document contents immediately (bypassing the exportation process) with a simple CTRL+C , and then paste the content into your favourite spreadsheet application (or anywhere else) with CTRL+V. You can also select the items you want to copy to your clipboard.

Export documents

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