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Effectively manage your agents, design element signatures and signer IDs

An agentEZ and signEZ Best Practices webcast

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Presentation overview

  1. Take control of your agents across your entire server.
  2. Understand and optimize agent schedules.
  3. Discover and solve agent problems.
  4. Best practices for agent management.
  5. Find and correct all sorts of signature issues.
  6. Learn about the best ways of managing signer IDs in your development and administration teams.
  7. Bring order to design element signature chaos in legacy environments.
  8. Learn about the benefits of doing batch jobs in signEZ.

Outline of presentation (Time-stamped)

Agenda (1:12:00)

Introduction to agentEZ (7:43:00)

  • Agent Selection (7:43:00)
  • Loading Process (8:17:00)
  • What does the grid mean? (9:29:00)
  • How to change stuff (11:49:00)
  • Basic features of agentEZ through examples (13:00:00)

    • Run on settings (13:12:00)
    • Two step saving process (15:08:00)
    • Working with agent schedules (18:42:60)

    Troubleshooting agent problems(25:13:00)

  • Last run Start Date and history (25:45:00)
  • Run completion & execution time (29:00:00)
  • Agent logs & error codes (32:20:00)
  • Agent signatures (34:45:00)
  • Introduction to signEZ (37:40:00)

  • signEZ interface (38:00:00)
  • sign-Audit (40:30:00)
  • NAB Presence checker (41:00:00)
  • Features of signEZ through examples

  • Re-authenticating a session (42:00:00)
  • Re-signing with correct signatures ( 42:23:00)
  • Sharing signer IDs (44:45:00)
  • Batch signing with signEZ (52:41:00)

Modifying and saving agents using signEZ with agentEZ (61:35:60)

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