Essentials for IBM Notes Development
& IBM Domino Administration
IBM Lotus Software
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Application development made easy with EZ Suite tools

Advanced webcast for application development and support

This webinar is specifically geared towards application development on IBM Notes and Domino. We'll show you how to go about your tasks more accurately and faster using an easier approach to investigating and working with your data, and by going beyond the way you usually work with views, folders, action bars, agents, etc.

You'll come away with everything you'll need to fast-track your application development processes.

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Ben Menesi, IBM Champion and Head of Product at Ytria

Presentation overview

The EZ Suite Dev comprises many tools that work together to streamline your development of IBM Notes and Domino, web and XPages applications. In this presentation, we'll demonstrate through various practical examples why these tools are indispensable in helping you accelerate development and improve support of existing applications.

  • Learn advanced document and design management techniques* using scanEZ
  • Manipulate designs and deploy a new look and feel with actionBarEZ
  • Analyze View and Folder index sizes and settings using viewEZ
  • Analyze and mass-edit column properties across an application with viewEZ
  • And more…

Thousands of organizations use Ytria software for faster Notes development and better Domino administration

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