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Stop Managing Lotus Notes Access Control Lists (ACLs) Manually

You can now access aclEZ right inside Domino Designer

The common problems with Lotus Notes and Domino ACLs

Access Control List management is simple enough if your organization is tiny and unchanging with no important data to protect. But in the real world, Notes-based organizations have a large number (often hundreds) of databases on many servers, coupled with a unique and complex mesh of security requirements.

Managing an organization’s ACLs manually is a tedious, time‑consuming activity that's prone to serious human error—like security loopholes or errant access denial.

Check all Global ACL Properties—and change them

Explore all members of a group

See all ACL entries on a server

"We use aclEZ to quickly check for incoherences on our 50 servers. For example, we use it to check if "Administration Server" is properly set on all of them in a few mouse clicks. We can also very quickly see where "Anonymous" is not set. This is a great time saver when you have to deal with a lot of users and/or database moves."
Olivier Collon, Notes Admin, TOTSA - Total Oil Trading SA
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What are Access Control Lists (ACLs) and why are they so important?

Ytria aclEZ is the solution for better Lotus Notes and Domino ACL security administration, here's what it lets you do:
  • Get a bird's-eye-view of global server security instantly—rather than spending hours poring over hundreds of ACLs individually—thanks to its powerful Lotus Notes/Domino ACL diagnostics features
  • Find and close any security hole instantly. Imagine if an administration error gave unfettered access to a highly sensitive database—these things do happen, but aclEZ lets you spot these problems and fix them immediately
  • Expand your administration capabilities—superior tools let you tune security in ways that are just not possible using the native Domino administration toolset
  • Powerful mass-modification features help you maintain consistency across your organization's Lotus Notes and Domino ACLs
aclEZ Fact Sheet

Analyze ACLs on a Lotus Domino server with greater efficiency

Solve your Lotus Notes ACL issues faster and easier than ever before

Extend the power of Domino Administrator

scanEZ Masterclasses
Learn the core functions of scanEZ from A to Z in this 45-minute webcast.

Thousands of organizations use Ytria software for faster Notes development and better Domino administration

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