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a better way to work in Office 365.

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What is sapio365?

sapio365 is a powerful new approach to working with the data within Office 365—a desktop tool that gives you access to all your data at once, without the interface drawbacks of web-based portals. This means no frustrating pagination and tedious click-throughs, but instead all your data loaded in a central access point to everything.

And what's more, the barriers between user sessions no longer exist in sapio365. You can have as many simultaneously active user sessions as you want, even across multiple tenants.

What does that really mean?

Think of how you work with data in Office 365 now.

sapio365 gives you a better way to work.

Log in with your user information and you'll have access to all your data—mail data in bulk or organized by folder, calendar events, drive items, contacts, as well as groups, sites, and all related permission properties. Any data that you load is shown in a flexible grid display for a clear, global vision of even massive amounts of data.

Categorize data as you will to understand the entire picture, sort and filter to pinpoint specifics, access files directly from the grid, perform mass edits on any number of entries, easily create reports of the data shown, and more.

Multi-session capability

In contrast to the web-based work approach which only lets you log in with one user session at once, sapio365 lets you work in multiple concurrent user sessions at the same time, regardless of which tenant the user account belongs to. Switch between these sessions in only a click.

Full Admin Mode means full access to everything

sapio365 also introduces another sought after feature to Office 365 administration: Full Admin Mode. This powerful mode gives administrators access to ALL tenant data, regardless of user.

Security is key in sapio365

Like you, we value security highly. So it only makes sense that we build this consideration into sapio365. Even though Full Admin Mode provides the capability of full access to everything, all access rights are fully customizable. Easily specify different access rights for specific users and teams within an organization to define as narrow or wide access as needed.

view all

View all your data at once—everything in one place.

total access

Get total access to data across all user accounts.

mass edit

Easily perform mass data edits.

optimize storage

Optimize storage easily, and with full, global insight.

multiple users

Seamlessly switch users and run multiple different user sessions simultaneously.

drag and drop

Categorize displayed data with drag-and-drop ease.

search options

Isolate information quickly through powerful search options.

drag and drop

and much more

sapio365—a better way to work in Office 365

sapio365 is coming soon!

Until then, register to stay up to date and join sapio365's journey towards better Office 365 management for all.