attendance list

Download Teams meeting attendance list

0 Comments3 Minutes

Recently I was asked if it was possible to have a list of the meeting participants from a Microsoft Teams meeting. The answer is yes! You can now…

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Generate a searchable transcript from your Teams meeting

0 Comments4 Minutes

Microsoft Teams is a great tool to run meetings because you can share your desktop (or a even single application), share a whiteboard, communicate…

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teams by department

How to See Recently Created Teams by Department

0 Comments5 Minutes

Teams has been a great collaborative tool during this time of confinement. Employees were trained on how to use it and many embraced its features…

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How to Clean up Teams with Guest Members

0 Comments5 Minutes

Inviting guests to your Teams may have been a great idea when everyone started using Teams. It was a handy feature that allowed you to share content…

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Teams Tip 18: Control if anonymous users can join meeting

2 Comments1 Minutes

In the Microsoft Teams Admin Center there is an option to allow or prevent anonymous users from joining Teams meetings. In this series of quick tips…

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Teams Tip 17: Disallow the forwarding of your meeting invitation

0 Comments1 Minutes

Did you know that you can disable the ability of invitees to forward or transfer your meeting invitations to other users? In this series of quick…

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Make external users wait in a lobby before joining Teams meetings

0 Comments1 Minutes

It’s a good practice to make attendees who are external to your organisation wait in a lobby before they can join your Teams meeting. This prevents…

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Changing your background in Teams meetings

1 Comment3 Minutes

With the self-isolation measures being practiced due to Covid-19, many of us are now working from home. As a result, online meetings have become an…

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What’s New in Teams 2020

0 Comments5 Minutes

As you might know, Microsoft is making a great effort of adding regular improvements to their products. Here is a list of the new features being…

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Inviting external users to your meeting in Microsoft Teams

1 Comment5 Minutes

With Microsoft Teams, inviting external users to attend a meeting is a little different from inviting them to be a member of a team (we’ll cover this…

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Sharing your screen in a meeting with Microsoft Teams

11 Comments3 Minutes

Being able to share your screen with your team during online meetings is a must. When hosting a meeting in Microsoft Teams, it’s possible to share…

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Using the chat feature in a meeting with Microsoft Teams

13 Comments2 Minutes

Sharing video or your desktop during meetings in Microsoft Teams is pretty seamless. These days sharing video is considered a ‘must’ in online…

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Publishing a meeting room in Microsoft Teams

0 Comments4 Minutes

Microsoft Teams is great for holding online meetings. And so we can also use Teams to book a meeting room. However, by default, Microsoft Teams does…

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Joining a meeting in Teams

0 Comments2 Minutes

Whether you’re new to Teams or still in the process of learning how to make it do more for you, you’ll want to take advantage of it for your…

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Capture your meeting notes for Microsoft Teams in a Wiki page

1 Comment4 Minutes

When joining any meeting in Microsoft Teams, you have the option to share your meeting notes in a wiki page. This has different advantages than…

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