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All actions visible in their correct positions

Action buttons have always been a key interface element for IBM Notes databases and, traditionally, these are managed design-by-design. But with the sheer amount of designs available in a database, keeping track of which action button appears on which design, not to mention set or adjust their properties, is a very work-intensive task. The native Designer client isn’t even configured by default to let you see your action buttons in the display. That is an easy enough fix, but it speaks volumes about the native tool’s lack of overall vision when it comes to action buttons.

But there is a better way to manage action buttons.

With actionBarEZ, you are just a couple of clicks away from parsing all of the action buttons throughout all of the designs in a given database and displaying them in an intuitive, color-coded interface.

View, understand, and edit your action buttons across all designs in one simple and intuitive interface—without any need to open your Designer client.

actionBarEZ gives you the overview and controls you need for complete action button management. Regardless how many designs you have in a database, and how many action buttons are within each of them, you have all the tools you need at your fingertips.

Understand action button positions across an entire database

Get a complete understanding of where your action buttons are thanks to a visual display that represents each button as a tile in a central chart that shows you all buttons in their true positions across all designs in a database.

Work with action buttons visually

Modify the order of one or more action buttons through simple drag-and-drop controls, or deploy buttons with copy/paste ease—even across multiple designs.all

Perform large scale modifications

Edit any action properties en-masse, such as, their icons and Hide When settings, across multiple designs.

Handle shared actions

Manage shared actions and their presence across designs. Link to or remove links from shared actions in just a couple of clicks.

Work with action buttons in a better way

actionBarEZ's main display showing multiple views and their actions and ready to copy a submenu to multiple views
Use #3

Create and deploy a new submenu across all designs in only a couple of clicks.

Submenus provide a much better user experience when compared to using a large number of standalone actions, but the difficulty of dealing with them design by design hinders their deployment across designs. actionBarEZ lets you create submenus, populate them with action buttons, and even deploy it across multiple designs fast.