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Spotlight on shared actions

Shared actions are important for keeping action buttons consistent across your IBM Notes and Domino databases. But keeping tabs on shared actions is difficult. Since the native toolkit doesn’t provide a practical way to audit them to see if and where they are shared—getting a global overview was simply unheard of.

actionBarEZ allows you to get an easy-to-read “interactive map” of all shared actions present in an entire database within just a couple of clicks, effectively giving you near-instant results for a task that would have taken an impractical amount of time the traditional way.

View and adjust shared actions with a global insight that isn’t available in your native Notes toolkit.

The amount of back-and-forth clicking and searching that is required to check up on actions from design to design makes any audit a time-consuming process. The added layer of complexity that searching through designs for shared action properties requires, raises the difficulty to another level. Thankfully actionBarEZ lets you to get a full and workable overview of your shared actions in only a couple of clicks.

Audit shared actions on the database level

Display the entire catalog of shared actions present within an entire database—in an easy to read table—within only a few clicks.

Link/unlink shared actions

Make actions shared; link to and unlink to "placed" shared actions; and connect buttons to shared actions.

Keep shared action links consistent across a database

Ensure consistent shared action links across all designs in a given application. Spot problems easily thanks to the color-coded display that indicates the difference between shared and non-shared actions.

Maintain shared actions effortlessly

Update the properties of actions used in shared actions directly within a couple of clicks—for all shared actions or a selection of shared actions.

Keep shared actions more consistent, quicker and easier than any traditional method

Spot any actions that should be linked to a shared action but aren't—and repair their links quickly.
Use #4

Spot any actions that should be linked to a shared action but aren't—and repair their links quickly.

All action buttons that contain a shared action's code should be connected to it so they inherit the main shared action's properties, however this is quite hard to oversee. With actionBarEZ, you can see the entirety of all shared and non-shared actions, as well as remedy missing shared action links for actions across all designs with just one click.