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Agent modifications with global visibility

The native Notes toolkit has limitations in the way you can handle agents making it difficult to get a clear picture of how the entire catalog of agents are functioning on your server.

When it comes to finding or preventing issues with properties and settings related to agent scheduling, security, or history, agentEZ has you covered with a global insight that is just not available with any other tool. And the ability to modify all agent properties across even multiple agents—regardless of which database they are in—directly within the central grid interface adds up to an agent management system that just makes more sense any way you cut it.

Perform agent modifications with far greater insight and speed—all without the need to open your Designer client.

With the unique insight over your agents that only agentEZ can provide, and the ability to perform mass-changes directly from within the grid, you have a complete agent management system that is clearer and more powerful than any native option or other 3rd party solution.

Enable/disable, rename, or delete multiple agents simultaneously

Edit 'Run On' and 'Run On Behalf Of' properties across multiple agents at once

Manage "generic properties" over entire families of agents

Set Runtime Security Level, toggle 'Run as Web user', modify the default agent Run and View Access requirements, and more.

Work with scheduling properties in better ways

Handle scheduling properties with an unprecedented insight into the way your agents are functioning, all in just a few clicks.

Work with agent properties on a large scale

agentEZ's main grid with entries selected ready to change runtime properties
Use #65

Modify your agent runtimes on a mass scale to optimize server performance.

Since agent scheduling is usually decided upon creation, and on a per agent/per database, what context can you base this decision on? Without the "big picture," you're in the dark. agentEZ lets you inspect global agent schedules and modify all agent settings right from the same interface.