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Complete overview of a server's agent schedule

Any given IBM Notes and Domino environment can have a huge number of agents carrying out a wide range of tasks; it’s perfectly normal to lose track of what agents are set to run and when. Because the IBM Administrator client only shows agents set to run on the present day, spotting issues such as concurrent agents causing poor server performance, critical agents that might not be running properly, etc. is extremely difficult.

agentEZ has you covered by letting you view ALL agents on a server, scheduled or not, regardless of whether they have already run or are set to run on a server—all within two clicks.

Get an unrivaled overview of all schedule-related agent properties.

When it comes to an entire server’s agent schedule, there just isn’t any practical native Notes solution for viewing the big picture. agentEZ lets you see the whole situation in just a few clicks. Never guess about your agents again.

Get full insight into schedule-related properties across an entire server

Access and analyze an entire server’s worth of agents’ schedule-related properties such as Status (enabled/disabled), Schedule Type and Schedule, Run On, and more in one central grid interface for deep insight into your server-wide agent schedule.

Understand overall agent trends

See agent trends, detect possible runtime overlap, and more thanks to intuitive grouping and sorting options for arranging agent data shown in the grid.

Modify agent properties with full insight

Adjust multiple schedule-related properties for one or more agents simultaneously, directly from the grid—all while being able to compare and contrast the against each other.

See the past and future of your agents

See when scheduled agents ran and when they will run in a convenient, graphical Agent Timeline display—very useful when analyzing concurrent agent issues.

Get a handle on your agent schedule

agentEZ's main grid showing agents and the servers they're set to run on
Use #14

Find and correct agents set to run on the wrong servers.

Have you ever wondered how your scheduled agents are distributed between servers? agentEZ lets you to quickly gather all information on scheduled agents and then categorize them by their “Run On” settings.

Use #52

Get a clear understanding of when your agents are set to run on your server.

Get an answer to the question "when are my agents set to run" in a cinch thanks to the ability to see every agent property and setting for all agents at once. Locate agents by their schedule; spotting when too many agents are scheduled at the same time, or seeing when more server CPU capacity is available, has never been easier!

agentEZ's main grid showing agents categorized by their run times