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Server-wide, visual display of agent run-history

Whether you need to identify an agent, track down a problem with one, or optimize agent performance across servers, a thorough overview of agent run history is extremely valuable. But the IBM Notes Agent Log and Log file is a complex puzzle to piece together, and traditionally the only way to see what your agents have truly done.

agentEZ is a powerful tool that presents server-wide agent history information, including ample data that isn’t even available in Notes, in one central interface.

Reveal the truth behind all agents’ behavior—across an entire server—in just a few clicks.

Your platform keeps extensive records about agents, but without practical ways to access it, this information remains an untapped resource for your administration. agentEZ is your best (and in some cases, only) pathway to this vast amount of useful data. Look at some of the operations at your fingertips.

See exclusive agent information not even available in Notes

Access exclusive Last Run Duration information not even available in Notes. Use powerful data handling abilities to get a thorough understanding of your longest running agents, or find agents that may have exceeded their runtime limit.

Find the best time to schedule agents

Get an on-demand visual map of the exact run time of all the agents on your server to spot ideal scheduling times or even out heavy server usage.

Move beyond the traditional agent log

See log information for multiple agents at once, and zero-in on specific log entries fast thanks to power data filters.

And more...

See the past and future of your agents, all in one place.

agentEZ's main grid showing agents categorized by enabled status and last run start date
Use #34

Find agents that aren’t running correctly across an entire server.

Administrators & developers looking after scheduled agents both face a common question: Are they truly running when they’re supposed to? agentEZ lets you inspect your enabled agents quickly and thoroughly by categorizing them by the last time they ran.

Use #20

Establish a complete overview of agent logs—all in one central interface.

Traditionally, agent logs are only available one by one. But with agentEZ, you can examine all agents' logs in the same interface. With the powerful filters available, it’s easy to find any particular error encountered by any/all agents on server.

agentEZ's Agent Log interface showing agents that have encountered an error