Ambassador Program | Ytria

Ambassador program

From the very start, we’ve been lucky to have a loyal following who’ve shown their enthusiasm about our products and who continue to contribute their knowledge, time, and resources to promoting our tools

Over the years, as a sign of appreciation, we’ve kept them equipped to deal with any Notes problem with complimentary license keys, access to beta software, and a whole lot of support!and helping others.

We thought that it’s about time to give a name to this small community that has become indispensable to maintaining the quality of our products. They pretty much give us an insight into what makes our software users happy. And that’s what we want.These faithful fans are consultants who share interest in our products and recommend them to colleagues as well as customers out of love for all things EZ.

What’s in it for me?

Ytria Ambassadors get access to full-version EZ Suite software tools (and our support) for a given length of time, with a possibility of renewal or product discounts. You’ll also have a first shot at beta releases of new software.

What’s the catch?

Besides meeting a few basic requirements like being a consultant that regularly reaches out to Notes admins or devs, all we ask is that you participate in training webinars (we want to be sure that you’re up to date on all the cool new features), and continue to communicate your enthusiasm about Ytria tools.

How can I join?

If we just described you, you’re probably going to get an email from us. If you think that your invitation was lost in the mail, send us a quick email to with your contact info.