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Complete analysis tool for IBM Domino server log files

Just like when working with consoles, there is so much data contained in the log.nsf file, it’s important to be able to find what you're looking for.

consoleEZ helps you get to the information you need as accurately and fast, thanks to a dedicated log analysis module. Employ a variety of search filters that you can use to parse the log.nsf data.

Easily pinpoint the events you need to see from among vast data sets.

You want fast and accurate results. consoleEZ gives you the best tool for looking through log.nsf

Perform detailed searches of the log files for multiple servers at once.

Isolate events by categories such as passthru connections, replication events, security events, and more.

See events based on a specific date-time range, from a given cutoff time period, or include everything.

Sort, filter, and categorize your results thanks to the flexYgrid-enabled results panel.

Get the best analysis of log files through numerous built-in tools

Use #14
Use #14

Search log.nsf based on event type, date/time range, Regular Expressions, and more.

Isolate event types and combine filters for accurate results for any log.nsf search thanks to the built-in Log Analyzer module. Hone search results to a specific date/time range, use Regular Expressions, and more.

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Make use of the built-in interface capabilities for better understanding of results.

Categorize and report your log.nsf analyses quickly and easily thanks to the powerful flexYgrid-enabled results interface.

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