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Thorough view index audits

When building views, there are performance considerations to make. Something as basic as creating a double-sortable view can easily triple the view index's size. Across many databases, this type of space wasting can add up—bloating databases far beyond their actual size.

Traditionally, there hasn’t ever been a clear way to get view index information alongside other properties; either through the Admin client or server commands, you’ll have access to index size information, but at the expense of seeing any properties.

Understand the implications of view index sizes and settings across an entire database at once.

Quickly retrieve a clear overview of all View Index properties and settings in a database. Your fast track to understanding the impact of your View Indexes is viewEZ.

Audit views across an entire database

Audit any number of view indexes within a database in just a couple of clicks. Your results will be displayed in a flexible grid layout where you can sort by key data points such as Index Size, Discard and Refresh settings, and more.

Find and fix problematic view indexes

Spot your most cumbersome view indexes, and purge them directly from the grid if needed—whether you need to free up space or ensure proper performance.

Work with discard and refresh settings globally

Understand your View Index discard and refresh settings globally, and adjust them for one or more views at once directly from the grid.

Get a clear, global overview of all view indexes in a database at once

Locate all inactive or unused views in a database—in only 2 steps!
Use #8

Locate all inactive or unused views in a database—in only 2 steps!

Find views with discarded indexes quickly and easily, and comb through discard settings and index size information to spot views that are unused in a certain timeframe—all in ways not possible with the native tools.